January 1, 2022: Come Together

On this wondrous day,
Light shows all the path ahead
I am filled with joy.

With love as my lead,
I move out in trust and strength,
Leaving fear behind.

Losses come, it’s true,
And no one can fill the void,
But the memories hold.

And with each new day,
Being present in the Now,
New love fills the heart.

Unknown days ahead,
All I have to know I know,
Follow light with trust.

Fear pervades the land,
Just as strong the faith in good,
Love will still prevail.

As I give deep thanks,
For my life, for each new breath,
I am filled with hope.

Hope that’s strong with faith,
Not my bird of feathers, now,
But the strength of love.

No more shields and swords,
War can not our world soon heal,
Love embraces all.

Each one has her place,
Colors, races, we are one,
Strong, we move ahead.

By embracing all,
Suddenly we see a way,
Healing can begin.

These Things I Know

I just sit and look,
Watching life go on outside,
Spectator no more.

Like these ducks I saw,
Swimming in the pool last night,
On the lam, they were.

Water all around,
Ducks don’t care if tame or wild,
Swimming’s what they do.

I want to be free,
Of my judgments, fears, wrong sight,
Not the truth, just thoughts.

Each new day I must,
See the blessings, give my thanks,
For all life to flow.

Who knows where I’ll be,
In two months, it matters not,
This day I am free.

Wide Open

Opening my heart,
Letting go of cords and binds,
I feel free again.

Trying hard is good,
When the work is keenly known,
And the steps are clear.

But when one is blind,
Moving here, then moving there,
Staying still can help.

List’ning to the voice,
Slowing down to hear the sounds,
That can be the key.

Once again there’s hope!
Letting all just find its way,
Recognizing joy.

I may still be fooled,
But my heart says look beyond,
All is lining up.

Sitting by the sea,
Is my joy, my deep heart’s way,
Coming home to rest.

All feels easy now,
Whether here or perhaps there,
Clarity feeds joy.

Cats or puppies too?
Hard to say as vistas loom,
Mem’ries I can’t lose.

Grateful here am I,
All the blessings now to see,
In the bright new day.

After the Storm

Storm and wind have passed,
Ocean still a roiling sea,
Spirit in the waves.

In the midst of storms,
I can not hear inner voice,
Guiding me to shore.

So I float and trust,
All will pass and soon one day,
I will hear again.

On this Sunday morn,
Sun peeks bright through leaden clouds,              
Slowly ocean calms.

On the shore I see,
Lovely mother tall in skirt
With her tiny child.

Back and forth they dance,
To the edge of waves’ approach,
Then back to the sand.

Ah, the skirt is gone!
Now they venture past the edge,
Water up their legs.

Grandma is now there,
Crouching over baby boy,
Showing him the waves.

It is mother though,
Holding hands with girl child now,
Braving waves’ first cold.

So much happens here,
Families come and live their lives,
Stories I don’t know.

Up above I sit,
In my room close to the sea,
Loving change below.

Seagulls and their pals,
Squadrons of brown pelicans,
Catch my eye in flight.

Little did I know,
Pelicans are often white,
But just here, they’re brown.

Black or white or brown,
Colors of our lives, our clothes,
All our lights do shine.

In the Dark, I Forget

Sometimes in the night,
I forget the sun will shine,
Bringing a fresh day.

All can seem so dark,
Hope a dream to never know,
Drowning in the waves.

Then a ray of light,
Starts to form far out to sea,
Just a glimmer then.

But it soon expands,
Flowing over sea and land,
Bringing dawn and hope.

So these cycles go,
Dark and light, spring, winter, fall,
Summer’s joy my home.

Still I welcome fall,
With its time to rest and know,
Changes are all part.

Autumn leaves do fall,
Winter brings its bleakness then,
Clarity of view.

Now we feel the spring,
New awake’nings, rebirth all,
We can breathe again.

May the lessons stay,
As with fresh eyes we do grow,
Blossoming once more.

Learning to Live With Endings

I did not know that the word lost would be what I would search for in SunCatcher today, and that Celebrate Endings would be what I chose.

I think I have been too afraid to admit that my time so closely connected to a cherished relationship is ending. Not the relationship itself, but its form.

But I resonate with my own words, to feel the grief, mourn what is lost, then let go of night
to allow the sun to rise on a new day.

And “If we cling too hard to the darkness, it will seem to extend forever, keeping our eyes wet with tears, sinking all spirit, all hope.” 

I am grateful that each line of this poem, written years ago, reminds me change is inevitable, letting go of attachment leads to new discoveries, and by accepting the wisdom of uncertainty, we are safe in a Universe which itself changes day by day.

Ahh, We Breathe Again

Decency prevailed,
Letting us now breathe again,
Trying to be kind.

Freedom lives again,
Even with the discontent,
We will heal once more.

Kindness is the word,
Loving those who don’t love us,
Grateful for our lives.

Autumn brings the cold,
Welcome now beyond the heat,
To ev’ry season…

Clarity seems here,
Balance gained, and order now,
Casting off our hate.

Let us let go fear,
Seeing only harmony,
Knowing we are One.

We see now the truth,
That our vigilance must stay,
For the rights of all.

We can only grow,
Through our trials in the dark,
Grateful for the sun.

Light is there for us,
Over land and over seas,
Even when we doubt.

Long day turns to night,
When we rest and regain strength,
For the days ahead.

We do not lose hope,
Looking up at stars galore,

Keep the light in view,
Whether sun or deep within,
It is always there.

Dolly, Lily, Jane,
Women whom I love to watch,
Changing through their lives.

We were once the babes,
Little girls then strong women,
Elders now, we’re wise.

Honor wisdom, yes,
When still hidden or bright star,
Thankful for our breaths.


Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

This morning I awake again with smoke-filled skies reminding that souls are struggling with fire nearby while I lounge safely inside with coffee and blueberry muffin. I searched for the origin of this Emerson quote I wanted to send a friend for her birthday:

“This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.”― Emerson

I search for the origin of this quote as Emerson has been a shining light for me since college or perhaps even before. As a senior now, I have had many years of connection with this philosopher/poet! I find deep inspiration from his writings, particularly the essay on Self-Reliance. But that is for another time. In my own writing I have often mused on the place of everyday mystics in this world, of course having read Marsha Sinetar’s Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics: Lifestyles for Spiritual Wholeness among many other similar writings.

This morning I was drawn to a blog called “Western Mystic: Writings from Selected Mystics, Classic and Modern.“I saw it was written by a man named Bob O’Hearn, who lives “with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains.” As a lesbian, I always feel the gender/orientation jolt which signals insecurity, not criticism. So of course I “soldier on,” as it were, and check out his Verses and Writings on Life As It Is at this blog site: Writing on Water. I see immediately that he is a man of depth, humor, and love of his little dog. I read first:

Notes from the Great Perfection In a Time of Conflagration

Dinner done, doing dishes
kitchen calming, cooling
happiness is easy
on the rug to my right,
is a tiny Chihuahua
calmly cooling, waiting
to have the kitchen floor
to herself at last —
sitting lightly,
slightly, slightly

He is also in the area of fire, and I am particularly struck by two of his writings, Cavalcade of Ashes and Without Guile.

There have been many synchronicities in my life in recent days. I realize it is a time to share but to learn brevity, a skill I once had but no longer. I am grateful for these seeming coincidences in my life which in fact are tied to deeply meaningful moments for my soul. This very morning, sitting in San Rafael, California, wondering about all, I include another quote I found on the dreaded facebook I rarely visit. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

This is That, That’s All There Is

Back and forth I go,
Thinking this, then thinking that!
I cannot decide.

Show me, God, the way,
Let me give up and let go,
I cannot decide.

Want someone to say,
This is what is right for you,
Go this other way.

But I know it’s I,
Who must feel where I’m to go,
Hate that lifelong choice.

Freedom is at top,
I could not let someone say,
“Here you must now go.”

But a lighthouse, please,
Shining light near ocean shore,
Sounds like seas I seek.

Yes, the valleys, too,
Great, grand meadows ‘neath the peaks,
Mountain grandeur too.

I am That. This is That. That is That.
That’s all the is.

Quoted by Deepak Chopra.

Then I think of home,
Needing freedom and to give,
Women are in charge.

Where could that then be?
If I want to stay out West?
Near the ocean blue?

Don’t know answer now,
But I know each saddness brings,
One more light to bear.

Oh, dear God of mine,
Maker of the souls of Man,
Give me guidance now.

“Yes, impatient one,
Deep within you I am there,
You know it is true.”

Each new thought that comes,
Is a clue from Divine seas,
Flowing strong in you.

Let go of control,
Trust the steps each day of life,
And your inner flow.

Thank you, God of All,
For my life gifts, large and small,
Blessings ev’ry day.

Plant Yourself Somewhere

What, then, do I want?
To belong, to give and take,
Like a family.

Being known and loved,
For my full self, gifts and flaws,
Seeing others, too.

Shared experience,
Touchstones through these years of life,
Memories of all.

People I count on,
When I’m sick or need a ride,
As they count on me.

Near the Nature sights,
Sounds of birds and oceans far,
Simple, grateful life.

Making music, too,
Singing, laughing, weeping, all,
Melody of life.

Open to the world,
Through our books and travelogues,
Sharing what we have.

Sounds like church of old,
People seeking higher goals,
In community.

Where to find it now?
Groups together, living near,
Common thread for all.

LGBTQ and more,
Love and include, honor all,
In the end, we’re one.

East or West for me?
Homebase where to put down roots?
Still not clear to me.

Maybe I have roots,
In the soil of West Coast lands,
Where I’ve grown and learned.

I can still explore,
‘Cross the country, East or West,
North and South call too.

But the roots go deep,
In my homeland here I see,
Now I feel it more.

Plant yourself somewhere,
So your new shoots can grow up,
By Pacific shore.