Sun Now Hidden Too

Heavens grey with smoke,
Orange sun in distant sky,
Live with what is now.

Metal birds in here,
Perched on metal trees with leaves,
Outside lots of green.

But I cannot go
Out exploring as I’d like
Need the air I have.

Coffee now and breathe,
Deep breaths in and let them go
Focus now within.

Thank you for the bonds,
In our towns and neighborhoods,
Friends supporting friends.

Fountains flow inside,
Pure clean water overruns
My cup overflows.

I remember thanks,
Gratitude the root of joy,
In the dead of night.

Sun now hidden too,
It is there but unseen here,
Faith that it still shines

I stay sheltered in,
Some find pockets of good air,
Just as every day.

Wish I had a cat!
Tiny kitten starting life,
Playful despite all.

Cats that I have loved,
All are with me still like friends,
Always joined in light.

Thank you for the stars,
Mountains, streams and meadows vast,
Lives beyond our ken.

Music of my youth,
Flows from Rodgers, Hammerstein,
Heart songs of my soul.

You’ve got to be taught,
To hate what is different
To fear the Other.

If I loved you, all,
Could I see our country now,
Back again as one?

If thoughts make it so,
May we all love life as one,
Miracles appear.

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