Still, Through Smoky Haze

Plagues are everywhere,
Illness there, fear in our souls,
For just what’s to come.

I can only send,
Love and light and gratitude,
For the life we have.

That young man suffers,
What should only come with age,
Seeing him all healed.

Good man my age, too,
And his wife, they go through pain,
Where will it all lead?

With this man in charge,
Feels like life is upside down,
Who can think this good?

When we fear the worst,
Wishing we could go away,
No one will take us.

Dark as night, my words,
As I feel the others’ pain,
Even as I’m fine.

I can only trust,
That the basic good of man,
Will soon change our world.

Black will matter so,
Brown and yellow and pink too,
We are just humans.

Fear can grip the soul,
Taking all the light away,
When we can’t believe.

I can only trust,
One and all will seek the good,
Goodness will prevail.

Here I give my thanks,
For the blessings in my life,
Smoky air and all.

This is still the day,
When my brother entered life,
Bringing so much joy.

We breathe life in still,
Grateful for each day we have,
Blessed lives we’ve had.

Whether one more day,
Or more years, or decades still,
Grateful for the years.

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